Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Our heavy equipment cleaning services are available 24\7  365

Some owner operators and companies clean their heavy equipment as frequent every yr or more and a few month-to-month. Just like anything else,  having your machines & equipment cleaned on a regular basis can dramatically decrease the time involved. This can also decreases your anual cost of maintenance.

Pressure washing itself won’t clean grease and oil from an excavator, dozer, backhoe, forklift or similar equipment. High water pressure alone is not going to do it and an excessive amount of water pressure within the incorrect locations can damage your equipment by pushing grease out of vital  areas.

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Washing Services

Services include washing all heavy equipement

Truck & Trailer Washing

Truck and trailer washing can be placesd on a scedulaed cleaning with discounted rates. All truck and tracker services include light rinsing, to genreal washing. engine cleanings, degreasing with use of hot water

Heavy Equipment Cleaning

Langley Pressure Washing services all types of equipment.