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  • Gutter Basket

    Gutter Basket

    See how the gutter basket can keep your gutters downspouts flowing

  • Gutter Guard Basket

    Gutter Guard Basket

    Downspout cleaned and installed with new gutter basket in langley

  • Gutter Cleaning Langley

    Gutter Cleaning Langley

    seriously clogged gutter before cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Prices

No house is too big or too small for us

Inside Gutter

Inside Gutter Cleaning


  • Inside Gutters Cleaned
  • All Debri Removed
  • Water Flushed
  • Use of Stand Off Bars
  • By hand

Outside Gutter

Outside Gutter Cleaning


  • Exterior Gutter Washing
  • Outside Facing Scrubed
  • Soft Brush With Soap
  • Clean Water Light Rinse

Gutter Repairs


  • Aligning of Gutters
  • Sealing of Corners & Seals
  • Downspout Repairs
  • Gutter Capping Systems
  • Gutter Cap Leaf Guard

How often should your gutters be cleaned?

Gutters should be inspected once per year.
Depending on your house location, the time between gutter cleanings varies greatly.

The main reason your gutters become clogged is due to leaves and other debris that fall onto your roof. Later wind and rain will cause this debris to roll into your gutters

If your house is next to large trees that overhang your house your most likely to have your gutters cleaned 2-3 times or more per year.

Gutter Maintenance

Keeping your gutters clear for water to drain can save you a headache down the road.
Different gutter types call for different cleaning methods. Exterior gutter cleaning as well as inside.

Gutter Repairs

We offer general gutter repairs in langley such as :
Re attaching and if needed re-alighning gutter corners including corner seals and seams
Replacement or re attaching of downpouts
Install or replace of leaf guards and gutter guard systems

Your typical repairs to gutters are:

  • Clogged Gutters, This is the number one reason for your gutters being damaged. When a length of gutter is completely clogged instead of draining water as it was intended they will instead act as a sponge and hold the water and allow it to accumulate. This in turn becomes very heavy and over time adds additional problems and adds extra costs to fixing.
  • Sagging or detached gutters, this goes without saying is a direct result of the above. the clips or hangers holding the gutter system to the fascia is not able to hold the weight of clogged gutters and pulls downward and away from the house.
  • Leaky joints and corners, These can be fixed easily with the correct sealing methods which are dependant on the type of gutter you have.
  • Improper Pitched Gutters, As a rule of water travels downwards. having your gutters pitched the opposite direction of your downspout will allow water to stand instead of draining.
  • Missing gutter components, Missing components such as downspouts or other critical parts.

At the end of the day having a expert inspect your gutters and having your gutters cleaned on a regular basis can prevent most of the typical gutter repair that Langley Gutter Cleaning deals with.